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Options for Supporting a Natural Childbirth

Posted on March 1st, 2013 by | 7 views

There are many options that a birthing mother has for natural support during labor and childbirth. Having a natural birth is absolutely the most beneficial for both mother and child. For instance, the process of birth, when certain artificial hormones or drugs have not been introduced during labor, releases the hormones necessary for bonding between mother and baby. The passage of the newborn through the birth canal introduces beneficial bacteria to the baby necessary for healthy digestion, and the contractions and passage from the womb massages and stimulates the newborn to assist in a healthy start.

Sometimes it may not be possible to have a natural birth, either due to complications with the birthing mother, or for health reasons of the baby. In these instances, a Cesarean Section (C Section) might be a safer option. Keep in mind that this situation may be the best choice when it comes to protecting the health and safety of both the mother and child, but it is not the usual case. C Section rates in the United States are at an all-time high and, at over 30%, ranks as one of the highest in the world. This is 15 percent greater than what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends, stating that a C Section rate which exceeds 15% “offers no population health benefits.” In other words, about half of the Cesarean Sections performed in the United States alone may be unnecessary and could most likely be avoided. A C Section is major abdominal surgery, carrying with it many health risks to the mother and child, and is something that should only be considered as a last option.

Assembling a Childbirth Team

There are many reasons why a woman should do her best to have a natural childbirth and to educate herself as to how she can go about accomplishing that goal. If an expecting mother is hoping to have as natural a birth as possible, it is highly recommended that she find a professional who can help her in at least one of these birth-assisting modalities.

Professional Options

Other natural therapy options can be helpful during childbirth.  For more information on each of them, search through the Childbirth Category in our Articles Library.  You may also search for more information on by using our search box located on the top right corner of this page and other pages throughout the website.

To find a childbirth support professional near you, search our Directory.

Having a healthy pregnancy, staying fit with Pre-Natal Fitness, and preparing physically and mentally for birth can greatly assist the body and mind for labor and birth, and can increase chances of birthing naturally. Be sure to visit the Pregnancy Articles Section to discover all options available for a naturally healthy pregnancy and the professionals who can help you prepare for a quicker and easier birth.

Food for Thought: Having a doula present at a birth can decrease the likelihood of having a Cesarean Section or epidural by over 50%, and can actually shorten the labor time by about 25%.

Choosing Your Birth Location

There are several safe options available, in terms of location, for a pregnant woman to give birth. For information regarding these options, including the differences between Hospitals and Birthing Centers, click here.